If you have an IPTV subscription from us then you can use our very own app that has been fully customized to work with our IPTV. You can download our app using an app called Downloader which you can download on your shield and then follow the guide Install IPTV To Your IPTV Box as its the same process as below but with fewer steps and it’s our own app.

Ok once you have the shield turned on you will want to click on the red circle icon called apps and go into your Google Play Store then click the little magnifying glass and here is where the shield excels you can just talk to your remote and say “IPTV Smarters Pro” and Voila! the Nvidia shield will bring you the results faster than David Moyes Manchester United career.


How to Set Up IPTV Smarters Pro


So you will now see the IPTV Smarters Pro app so its a simple case of clicking on it and then clicking on install and waiting for the app to install then clicking on open.


Now you will be met with the boring terms of use just scroll to the bottom of the page and click accept. Now you will see a box in the top right-hand corner of the screen saying + ADD USER so you will need to press ok to add the IPTV subscription details.


Now if your subscription from us you should not be reading this as you should have clicked the link near the start of this guide on how to install our own kick-ass app on to your Sheild but if you do not have a sub from us then you have 2 options now on the screen depending who your provider is.


If you received an M3U IPTV playlist file from your provider you can add it to your shield and open it by clicking on Load your playlist or file/Url and then locating the m3u file you downloaded or if your supplier gave you an M3U URL you can use that by clicking the top box.



Login Xtream Codes API Screen






Once you have done the above just click next and now press the back key once and now click on the last box ADD USER.


If all your details were correct you will see it log in and show you a white box just press ok on the remote and then it will start downloading the channels, movies and more.



iptv smarters dashboard screen



Now before you go off and indulge in some IPTV you will want to change just 1 setting first so let’s do that.


You will want to click on the little settings cog icon in the top right-hand corner of the screen then go into General Settings and make sure you untick AutoStart on Bootup otherwise everytime your Nvidia Sheild turns on it will boot into this app and trust me this can get annoying over time so best to untick it then click on save changes.




Also if you need parental control you can click on the parental control setting box and set a password and save it.


Now if you want to see the TV guide you can click on Install EPG and that will install the TV guide.